This thing called Motherhood is a crazy ride and we can help!

   Concierge and Consulting

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Oops! No postpartum plan?  It's ok! Call us and we can help no matter where you are on the path. Things may not be quite what you expected and that is completely normal. Maybe baby came earlier than expected or your family didn't end up being as much "help" as you thought. That's ok too (remember they love you dearly). Breastfeeding  becoming a complete disaster? No problem. If all you can do is hand the phone to your husband and grunt. Do it!! You are not  alone in this. We will work together to get you and your family where you want to be. Happy Mama postpartum support addresses baby and Mother care, breastfeeding, and may include nutritionist developed meals, strategic household assistance, and referral resources to clear your plate so you can focus on and enjoy recovery. 

Pregnancy is a great time to think about and prepare for life with a newborn. A lot of effort is spent thinking about birth yet often there is no plan for what will happen next. So, Congrats! You're ahead of the game! It is easy to become overwhelmed with decisions before and after baby. Happy Mama can help you determine the support necessary to truly enjoy this life-changing event. Our intent is to provide information and create a postpartum plan that allows you to eat, sleep, and mother during those first few weeks with as little stress as possible. By establishing a relationship before baby arrives we can anticipate your specific needs and fill them creating a smoother transition for you and your family. On bedrest? or not comfortable with group classes? We'll bring the info. to you. 
With an extensive network of resources - you can be sure that Happy Mama can help you with whatever you may need throughout your journey